Drishti: An Acute Insight into AI

We are building a computer vision model for cash recognition; an android based mobile application that helps blind individuals scan currency bills and get audio output.

The salient features of which are listed below.

  • Our model is designed to detect Nepalese currencies and interfaces with the end-users in Nepali.
  • We have also leveraged the native OS accessibility features to provide helpful capabilities such as screen reading and haptic feedback.
  • We are committed to providing a smooth user experience to our visually challenged users and hence refrained from any kind of monetization of the application through advertisements.
  • It serves its purposes without the need for an internet connection. The model works locally, the data has little to no chance of getting breached and works in real-time.
  • Our application stores the scanned readings of the bills.
  • The history feature allows you to find out the day and the time you scanned a particular note as well as the total amount you spent on that particular day, week, or month.

While we work on strengthening the application, we have also decided to open-source our project.

We encourage any interested individuals to view our project source code in Github (link given below) and contribute to adding new features to our application and help us achieve our goal of empowering the low vision/blind individuals.

Have a LOOK into this VISIONARY project and you shall be BLINDed by the world full of possibilities!

The link to our Github repository:



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